Practical jokes around workplace – part I

March 4, 2009

If you happen to have a troller full of old pc’s waiting in the office to be collected and further disposed, you can still utilize them. For example you can cheer up your collegues by carrying the old pc’s and place them onto your collegues room or a cubicle.

You should do this when your collegue is in a meeting. Do remember to connect all wires =)

 Then ask your your collegues boss to wait until your collegue comes to his or hers room/cubicle and then the boss to instruct your collegue that any additional pc’s require a permit…


Nuclear grade duck tape

March 4, 2009

Do need real strength in your DIY fixes?

This is definetly for you. Addition to those nice post-its 3M has nuclear grade duck tape. Check details at 3M product page.

You can buy this killer product from Price of 33.99$ is bit stiff compared to usual stuff, but you will get real stuff 🙂


Welcome to ePanorama blog.

March 4, 2009

Welcome to ePanorama blog. In this blog we try to cover special and nice things in the area of electronics!